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BMbridal: Romantic Love Songs For your Wedding Ceremony

The love songs play a hugely significant role to play from the beginning to the end in your ceremony and it has the power to enhance the holy moment and add an even greater depth of emotion. Every wedding ceremony is unique and special- so choosing what songs for your wedding will depend on the personal …

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BMbridal: How To Choose Bridesmaid Dress Colors

In a wedding, the bride is definitely the leading lady, however the bridesmaid group are her supporting cast. Nowadays, color plays a very important role in making sure the whole look comes together and in highlighting the bride. So picking the right color for the bridesmaids dresses will be a success in planing a wedding. Someone may suggest …

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BMbridal: How To Look For The Right Dresses For Summer Wedding

Summer is always the perfect season if you’re planning a gorgeous outdoor wedding. There’s a lot more than weather to love at this time of year. From fabulous florals to flexible color themes, the summer months will give you all the options you could ever want. Here’s everything you need to …