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BMbridal Fashion: Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Nowadays, brides are changing the tradition of the bridesmaid dresses. They are mixing it up with mismatched bridesmaid dresses, pursuing the unique and gorgeous dresses with different styles, fabrics and colors. This trend allows the bridesmaids to highlight their personality and ensure they are wearing a dress that makes them feel great.

It shows a new set of challenges when using mismatched bridesmaid dresses. So if it’s not done right, the bride will have a disjointed-looking bridal party rather than a cohesive, complementary one. So it is important to decide which mismatched route the bride wants to go. Here’s a details of each way to do it.

Same Dress Color In Different Styles

The dfferent dresses styles in same color

This option is perfect for the brides who want to hold to the tradition of everyone in the same color, but also pursues the diversity in her bridal party. This option is also allowing the bridesmaids to pick their favorite style and design, which will make the girls appreciate the freedom of choice for dresses and make them comfortable and happy as it is known that not every dress is flattering for every person.

Same Dress Style In Different Colors

Same dress style in different colors

If the bride find a dress that she absolutely love and really want all bridesmaids to wear the same silhouette, she can still achieve the mismatched bridesmaid dresses by choosing for different colors. Just keep in mind that it is not necessary to choose so many colors for the bridesmaid dresses as it is not appropriate for a wedding. Before the bride determines the wedding scheme, she can get some fabric swatches and choose no more than three variations in color.

Different Dress Styles And Colors

Dresses in different styles and colors

It is really a risk if a bride is going to use different bridesmaid dresses in different colors, as it may be a funny look in the wedding. So just be sure that once all dresses are selected, there will be enough time to see them together.

BMbridal has more than 400 different styles and 50 colors for choice. The brides and the bridesmaids will find their favorite mismatched bridesmaid dresses for the wedding.

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