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BMbridal Idea: The Choice of The Wedding Color Theme

The main color is very important for the weddings, otherwise it will become a mess if matching all things randomly. Then how to choose the main color for the wedding?

The orange

Orange is a color of expectation and harvest. So choosing orange as the main color means the harvest of love and expectation of marriage life. The orange bridesmaid dresses online become the preference of the bride-to-be because of its vibrant color. Orange will be always the best choice for outdoor weddings under sunshine in spring and autumn. It is also a good choice to pick orange as the main color even if the wedding is held in hotel, which will echo the magnificence of the banquet hall of the hotel.

The pink

Actually, the pink is one of the most popular colors for the weddings and it is always to be picked as the main color because it is the most romantic one. Pink wedding is also the pursues and the dreams of the romance for all the girls. It is also the best option to choose pink bridesmaid dresses that complement the white bridal gown perfect.

The green

Green is a color symbolizing the life and the hope while the marriage is the beginning of next stage of lifetime. So it will be not only special but also meaningful to choose the vibrant green. Especially for the outdoor weddings, it is super easy to decorate the wedding scene in green matching white.

The blue

Blue is the color of the ocean and the sky and it is the perfect color for all styles of wedding in any season of year. If you are planing a outdoor wedding in spring, you will be shocked by the match of the glamorous blue bridesmaid dresses and white wedding dress.

The Dark Navy

Dark navy has been popular for the weddings for years. As a darker colour, it can help give the appearance of a smooth silhouette. Elegant, classy and timeless, it works in spring, summer, autumn or winter. If your bridesmaids are choosing their own style of dress, dark navy can be an easier colour to co-ordinate than other colors.

Besides these colors, stormy, steel grey, wisteria, dusty rose are also the new trendy colors for the bridesmaid dresses. Especially, the dusty rose bridesmaid dresses will be the most popular ones in the year of 2020.

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