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BMbridal: How to pick the perfect bridesmaid dress for your bridetribe?

Finding a perfect bridesmaid dress to attend a wedding would be one of the hardest parts for a bridesmaid. The dresses have to be pretty, modest, affordable and easily shopped yet wherever the bridesmaid looked, at least one of the qualifications were not met.

Then how to find a bridesmaid dress that will complement the wedding dress and meet the taste of the bridesmaids for your bridetribe?

  1. Talk with the bridesmaids about the style of dresses

The girls are shaped differently, which makes it difficult to find one style to satisfy all the bridesmaids. So it is really considerate to talk with your bridesmaid and let themself to choose their styles. But it is also important to tell them what the style the wedding dress is, vintage, classic,or modern etc and your requirements about the dresses so that the girls could find their dresses easily. If the wedding is more of formal character, a long bridesmaid dresses will be more appropriate. If a more casual wedding is planed, a short bridesmaid dress will work just fine.  

2. Tell your bridesmaids about your wedding color theme.

Every wedding ceremony will have a wedding theme, before ordering the dresses, you should tell your girls about your color theme as there are so many colors for the bridesmaid dresses. Pink color is dreamy and fairytale, which is full of romance and most brides love to choose the pink as the color theme. Pink has been in dominates in the wedding for a long time although there are lots of colors for the wedding. Pink flowers, pink decorations and pink bridesmaid dresses– the pink color has absolutely been filled with the wedding venue with good reason. There are so many pink shades that brides could completely customize their aesthetics for the wedding. It should not be surprised that pink is one of the most popular bridesmaid dress colors for a long time.

3. Let the girls freely to choose the dresses.

After talking about the styles and the color of the dresses with the bridesmaids, then just let them to freely order the dress. We know that the girls are in different size, thin, regular or plus size. So to find a dress that could fit perfect is an overjoyed thing. At Bmbridal, no matter if you are regular size or plus size, you will find a size to fit perfectly. We have all size range for the girls including a plus size bridesmaid dresses section for the plus size girls. What more, we provide the custom size service for the the bridesmaids. So there is no worry to find a fitting dress on our site.

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