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BMbridal: How To Choose Bridesmaid Dress Colors

In a wedding, the bride is definitely the leading lady, however the bridesmaid group are her supporting cast. Nowadays, color plays a very important role in making sure the whole look comes together and in highlighting the bride. So picking the right color for the bridesmaids dresses will be a success in planing a wedding. Someone may suggest picking a popular color for the bridesmaids, but generally speaking, a color in trend doesn’t mean it’s the right color for the bridesmaids. So do you know how to pick the perfect color for your bridesmaid dresses? Here are some considerations when choosing the colors for your bridesmaids group.

1. Seasons

The season is one of the important elements when you pick the color for the bridesmaid dresses. All the brides have dreamed of a wedding in the frosty evergreen trees, the sandy white beaches, the mountains of red and orange leaves, or the snow covered barn. The colors will present the features of the time of the year So picking the right color will complements the wedding in different seasons. In another hand, the seasons can also decide what type of material and length of dress would be appropriate, no matter what color you choose.

2. Wedding Theme

It will help you to pick your bridesmaid dress color if you have confirmed the wedding theme. For example if you are throwing a romantic wedding, warm tone and pink colors would work perfect. When you choose the bridesmaid dresses, the color should reflect the theme of the wedding and complement your wedding dress.

3. Bridesmaids’ Complexions

mix & match bridesmaid dress

The bridesmaid group are the VIPs of your wedding. They looking amazing will only make you look better! Not all bridesmaids are in same skin color and a color may not complement all of your bridesmaids. So when you choose the color of the bridesmaid dresses, this should be taken into consideration. It is an easy way to make all the bridesmaids shine in the wedding if you choose the popular mix & match trend. Whether it’s different shades in the same color or multiple colors, make sure they know you want them to look and feel great too!

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