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BMbridal: How to Choose a Wedding Dress

At the very beginning, the choice of wedding dress is mainly based on style and color. Since every bride has a different figure and characteristic, the wedding dress that everyone is suitable for is also different. Knowing how to choose a wedding dress is very important for your big day.

Most brides don’t know how to choose a right wedding dress when they are looking for the dress in bridal shops or online sites but only be captivated by all kinds of beautiful bridal gowns. Usually, it is a huge project to find the best wedding dress for among thousands of dresses. Today, we will talk about how to choose a wedding dress that is perfect for you.

1.Don’t be too obsessed with the color of the wedding dress

In fact, the color of the wedding dress is not very important in modern weddings and the prerequisite is to match the bride’s skin tone and the bride loves the dress color. So the white is not the only option for the brides. If you have white or bronze skin tone, you will look great with a white wedding gowns. If you have yellow skin stone, the white wedding dress will make your skin darker but an ivory wedding dress will be more harmonious and natural. If you have a dark skin tone, a champagne dress will be a good choice.

With the continuous changes in world trends, in addition to white wedding dresses, they are also becoming popular in ivory, pink and champagne as well as other fashion colors. If you have the courage to embellish the dark green, cabernet or deep purple decorations on the pink wedding dress, you will get a colorful wedding dress with a very special effect.

2. Choose wedding dress styles according to body shape

The brides have different body shapes, so it is important to know which style will make you look great.

For the slightly overweight brides, they can choose lace wedding dresses that look a little fluffy but still have simple lines. Appropriate embellishment on the dress is an indispensable way to hide their body shape. And the big and simple accessories and neat hairstyle are more suitable for them.

For the thin brides, a-line boho wedding dress is a great style that can make the body more curvy. Choosing the slightly thicker fabrics and colorful patterns can give the brides more weight. The round or large necklaces and headdresses on the ornaments are the good choices to pair with the dress.

For brides with full breasts, the line from the neck to the abdomen of the wedding dress should be simple and neat. Too low-cut neckline design may not be the best choice. However, the high-neck bridal wedding dresses are not suitable for the brides with flat breasts. You can choose pleated dresses to show you a coquettish femininity.

For brides with protruding abdomen, the waist line of the wedding dress should not be too tight and can be covered by multiple layers, but not too heavy.

Some brides have long necks, the high collars wedding dresses are perfect for them. For the brides, it is not smart to choose the V-neck or U-neck wedding dresses. For brides with short necks, V-neck, U-neck, and bateau-neck wedding dresses are the best choices.

3. Find a dress style that suits you

A ball gown wedding dress in floor length is always of the dreamed of style for the girls. Of course, you can wear it in a photo studio, but it seems inconvenient in other places. On the wedding day, it is better to choose a fluffy wedding dress that is slightly off the ground, or an A-line wedding dress that reaches the ankle.

The mermaid style wedding dress looks really beautiful but it indeed requires the perfect figure. Otherwise, it will make troubles when you are walking. So when you are looking for this style, you must try it on carefully before deciding to buy it. 

It should be noted that a wedding dress that is beautiful on a model may not look good on another people. So you must try on the wedding dress before you buy it. Usually it is much better to buy the wedding dress one month before the wedding. The brides may lose a lot of weight when they are busy with the wedding, or may gain weight because of excessive pressure. If the brides buy the dress too early, the wedding dress may not fit well on the wedding day.

The above is the wedding dress selection strategy organized we want to share with you, and we hope it will be helpful to find the right wedding dress for your big day! BMbridal has hundreds of new wedding dresses for everyone to choose from!

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