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How to choose a small wedding venue?

Generally, according to the month of the wedding and the couple’s ideas, the wedding venue can be divided into indoor and outdoor. Most of the girls have been dreamed of a magnificent and forgettable scene of the large-scale wedding on the most important day of her lifetime and usually most of them prefer their wedding to be held in indoor like the banquet hall, church or castle.

But as known, not everyone wants to hold a wedding like this because it will need lots of time and money on planning their wedding. Nowadays the new couple is more likely to prefer a small wedding as they do not need to spend a lot of time on invitations. They can just invite their close friends and family to participate in the wedding. Then how to choose the venue for such small wedding? Usually, the outdoor venues will be the best choice for the small wedding.

Outdoor wedding venues generally include lawns wedding, courtyards wedding and terraces wedding. For these venues, a simple lace wedding dress will be the best choice to match. An outdoor wedding integrates “participation” and “sharing”, which can bring guests closer together, allowing each guest to be surrounded by warmth and romance under the sun. The forms of outdoor weddings are becoming more and more diversified. Lawn weddings, courtyard weddings, terrace weddings, etc. have their own unique features and suitable wedding styles.

Lawn wedding: The lawns are one of the best wedding venues in spring. On the quiet green space, getting rid of the covetousness of the hotel, the new couple and the guests could devote themselves to the embrace of nature and greenery with each other. Lawn wedding venues are usually flat and open, which is relatively easy to arrange, and the theme is highly adaptable. If you choose lawns as your wedding venues, an a-line white wedding dress with some exquisite lace will make your like a lovely butterfly dancing on the ground.

Courtyard weddings: The space of courtyard is more private and enclosed, and is more suitable for weddings where there are not many guests. Since it is a courtyard, it has been given its own style and characteristics by the builders. Therefore, the wedding theme will be decided if you choose this venue for your wedding. If your wedding theme is extremely inconsistent with the style of the courtyard, you may not achieve the effect in your mind.

Terrace wedding: It is a more romantic wedding venue as you will get a feeling of holding your wedding in mid-air. Compared with the wedding directly on the ground, it has a special atmosphere. The terrace in the clubhouse is usually a little smaller. If the venue is suitable, the terrace can also be used as a way for the bride to appear on stage.

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