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12 Bridesmaid Dress Necklines You Need To Know (2)

Last time, we introduced 6 necklines for the bridesmaid dresses, which may provide a advice for you when you are looking for the bridesmaid dresses for your wedding. Today, we will continue to introduce the other 6 kinds of necklines

Bateau neckline

It is also known as a boatneck. The bateau neckline stops at the collarbone and features a wider opening that skims the tops of the shoulders, allowing the decolletage to shine. This neckline is extremely classic and elegant for a bridesmaid dress.

Plunging neckline 

A super sexy neckline. The plunging neckline is for the girls who aren’t shy about showing a flash of skin. This neckline is a slit that extends down the center of the chest past the ribs and sometimes even all the way down to the navel for a statement-making look. Usually, the plunging necklines are actually a sheer illusion tulle panel that connects the two sides of the bodice.   

Illusion neckline

The illusion neckline features sheer or semi-sheer fabric on the top part of the bodice. It usually gives people an illusion that the dress is strapless, but it offers more coverage and support than the strapless dresses. The illusion neckline is commonly paired with sleeveless or cap sleeve dresses.


A very classic and timeless neckline. This neckline shows a “V” shape in the front, usually paired with long sleeves, sleeveless straps, or spaghetti straps. The V-neckline is the best option if you want a slimming look because it creates an unbelievable illusion of a narrower waist, and it is also one of the most elegant options. If you’re looking for a timeless and classic dress neckline, this is the unique for you!  

Off-the-shoulder neckline

Also a very romantic neckline. The feature of off-the-shoulder neckline is that it perfectly show off the collarbones with straps that rest at the top of your arms, just below the shoulders. This neckline is extremely romantic, especially when paired with a mermaid silhouette or a blush pink fabric.

One-shoulder neckline

A fashion-forward neckline. This is an asymmetrical neckline that features a single strap or sleeve that drapes diagonally across the chest. Depending on the style, a one-shoulder dress can be glamorous, stylish, or classic—it’s one of the most versatile dress necklines.

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