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How Much Do You Know About the Marriage Customs in Different Countries?

The wedding is the most important moment for every one. When you get married with your lover, it indicates that you will be responsible for each other and the family.

There are so many etiquettes and customs in weddings. It is said that the emperor of the Qing Dynasty had 108 rules when he got married. As of today, many customs have been simplified and the existence of these customs is nothing more than to make the wedding more ritual, which makes the wedding ceremony more memorable and profound in everyone’s hearts.

Today, we will popularize 10 weird marriage customs from all over the world.

01.In Scotland, the bride will be blackened by all kinds of filth before marriage

Scots seem to prefer “little quirks”, and blacking the brides is a very old local tradition. Before the wedding, the brides will be covered with spoiled milk, dead fish, corrupted food, even asphalt and feathers by her friends. Then she will be tied to a tree and drunk overnight. It is said that the bride will have no unbearable humiliation in her future married life after such a tossing.

02. The Mauritanian brides have to gain a lot of weight before marriage

In Mauritania, the West African country, the mark of a bride’s beauty is the fat around on her neck, arms and even abdomen. Local girls between the ages of 5 and 15 will be sent to the “fat-enhancing farm” for training before marriage. They will eat a lot of food every day, and concentrate on sleeping to gain weight. The fat girls are thought to have a bigger chance to find a rich and good husband who can support them with a happy and rich life.

03. The Chinese groom shoots arrows to the bride

The Yugu nationality is an ancient minority in northern China. When local young men and women get married, the groom will set up two fires on the roadside in the front of his house and the bride needs to pass it through. Then the groom will bend the bow and shoot three arrows without arrows to the bride, and then break these arrows, implying that the new couple will have a long marriage.

04. Nepalese father-in-law will wash his son-in-law’s feet

In Nepal, women have a relatively low social status. When getting married, the woman’s parents have to give the groom a great amount of dowry as compensation. In some traditional places, there is still a strange custom: the father of the bride must wash the feet of the groom. After that, the bride’s father will tell the bride to put her feet in the same basin of water, and that she will have nothing to do with him from now on. The father will take this daughter’s hand on the groom’s hands, and then pours the water blessed by the priest on their hands.

05. Kuwaiti groom fights to show love

In Kuwait, when the bride and groom enter the new house and the companion exits, the groom and bride will bow down, and then the groom pulls the bride hard to show his might and power, at the same time, the bride will fight back. The fiercer the fighting, the happier the bride’s family. It is considered to be a shame if the groom can’t beat the bride.

06. Egyptian grooms never propose

In Egypt, the marriages are still arranged by their parents, so the person who proposes to the bride is not the groom himself but the groom’s family.

07. In Germany, fall and smash! The more, the better!

The more things you break, the more auspicious it will be. Germans give a feel of rigorousness and seriousness, but German weddings are passionate and crazy. When the bride and groom enter the wedding scene, the guests will start the competition of breaking the bowl and the plate. And the longer it lasts, the happier the married couple will live.

08. South African parents take fire from home to new couple

In South Africa, the new couple’s parents will take the fire from the fireplace to the couple’s home, and then the couple will use the two fires to light their own stove or fireplace.

09.Australian concentric stone

At some Australian weddings, there is a ceremony called “unity bowl”. The guests will get a stone before the ceremony and they must hold this stone during the whole process of the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, the guests put the stone in a beautiful container, and the couple will bring the “unity bowl” as a souvenir to their home to remind yourself of the support and love of your relatives and friends.

10. Kenyan father spit on his daughter

This marriage custom can be considered as the most difficult to understand. In Kenya, when a couple leaves the village, the bride’s father will spit on his daughter’s head and chest, which means that the couple’s good luck will not be polluted. Their starting point is blessing and love, but still a bit unacceptable.

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